Hiob Ludolf Guest Professorship

In 2003 the Hiob Ludolf Centre for Ethiopian Studies, with the support of the DeutschÄthiopischeStiftung, has called into life the Hiob Ludolf Guest Professorship dedicated to the Current Issues in Ethiopian and Eritrean Studies that brings established and emerging scholars of the Horn of Africa to the University of Hamburg in order to complete the classical curriculum by offering courses in modern ethnological, social and political developments in North Eastern Africa. Topics covered include development and cooperation, economy and finance, trade and inter-ethnical conflicts, inter-religious dialogue, parties and democratization processes etc. The Professorship is expected to improve job market chances of the graduates in Ethiopian studies on the one hand and promote research into the related issues on the other hand.

Besides teaching, the Guest Professor work on their own research agendas on the premises of the HLCES, write articles for the Aethiopica international peer-reviewed academic journal or entries for the Encyclopaedia Aethiopica, and serve as resident consultants and expert referees for the various projects of the Centre.

The professorship is sponsored by foundations, private persons and industries.

Hiob Ludolf Guest Professor 2014

Prof. Alfredo González-Ruibal, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

Course: A History of Western Ethiopia

Course summary: The History of Ethiopia usually focuses on the northern Highlands, the cradle of the Ethiopian state. In this course, we will look at the margins of the state, more specifically the borderland between Ethiopia and Sudan. This is an area of bewildering cultural diversity, whose history has been intertwined with the neighboring states for at least the last three thousand years. The course proposes a multidisciplinary approach to Western Ethiopia through a variety of historical, anthropological and archaeological sources. The classes will consist of lectures (90 minutes) or an introductory lecture and a seminar (45 minutes each) based on specific readings given in advance by the professor.

Hiob Ludolf Guest Professors since 2003: