Encyclopaedia Aethiopica

The ENCYCLOPAEDIA AETHIOPICA (=EAE) is an international project towards the creation of a multi-volume reference work in Ethiopian and Eritrean studies. It was conceived as early as 1994; the intensive preparation started in 1997 and the actual coordination and editorial activity began in Hamburg in 1999.

Well over 4,500 entries of the edition cover the most important aspects of the history and culture of the Northeast African region. The articles deal with historical developments, places and geographical history, ethnology and sociology, religion and art, trade and economy, politics and important personalities. Extensive bibliographies containing primary and secondary sources assist further research while informative illustrations and maps help visualize the subjects described.

Well over 500 authors from over 50 countries have contributed to the Encyclopaedia.


  • Volume 1: A - C, 2003; XXXI + 846 pages
  • Volume 2: D - Ha, 2005; XXXIX + 1082 pages
  • Volume 3: He - N, 2007; XXVIII + 1211 pages
  • Volume 4: O - X, 2010; XXIX + 1199 pages
  • Volume 5: Y - Z, 2014: addenda, corrigenda, overview tables, maps and general index; XXXII - 1270 pages

The completion of the EAE was celebrated on 16 July 2014.

The Encyclopaedia Aethiopica volumes can be ordered from the Harrassowitz Verlag. Follow this link for direct order. EAE authors are eligible to a 25% discount off the sales price.

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