Encyclopaedia Aethiopica
Transcription/Transliteration System

5.a. Languages based on the Ethiopic script ("Fidel")

The Encyclopaedia Aethiopica editorial team in cooperation with the editor, co-editors and field specialists has worked out the transcription system for Ethiopic script following the tradition which exists already in the Ethiopian studies. The basic correspondences used in the EAE system are presented in the following table:

Encyclopaedia Aethiopica geez transcription

5.b. Cushitic, Omotic, Nilo-Saharan languages

The EAE general rule is the one sound-one sign principle. For this reason vocabulary that does not come from the Ethio-Semitic language family should nonetheless be rendered in correspondence herewith.
The cases when a sound of some Cushitic, Omotic or Nilo-Saharan language has no correspondence in Ethio-Semitic languages are treated separately in a special guideline for the authors working in this field (available from the EAE team).
For the languages that have recently accepted the Latin-based orthography for the use in newspapers and official documents (E.g. Oromo, Kunama) the newly introduced spelling should be provided in brackets.

5.c. Languages using Arabic script

For the Arabic fonts it has been decided to follow the one sign/sound - one symbol principle and stick to the internationally recognised transcription/transliteration system accepted by the German Oriental Society (Deutsche Morgenlšndische Gesellschaft, or DMG). The correspondences of the Arabic script can be represented as follows:

Encyclopaedia Aethiopica arabic transliteration

We also use the DMG system in the cases when we have to deal with Ottoman Turkish, which used the Arabic fonts as well, namely the DMG adaptation for the Ottoman use of Turkish.

NB: If the symbols required by the EAE rules are not available to the author, he or she is asked to insert the symbols per hand on the printout. The EAE team can also supply the authors with the necessary software. In exceptional cases (e.g. plain text e-mail transmission) the authors can use the following “symbol replacement table” (use right-hand symbols for the left-hand ones).

Encyclopaedia Aethiopica replacement table

Here you can download the EAE fonts for phonetic symbols: EAE-Garamond (click the right mouse-button and choose the "save as" option from the menu).