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Related and cooperating projects and networks

The COMSt subscribers are welcome to consult and update the extensive Project database of the COMSt network. The list below presents a selection. Many of the projects are described in detail in the issues of the COMSt Newsletter.

  • Interedition
  • TEI
  • Islamic Manuscript Association
  • Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing
  • LIGATUS Research Unit, University of the Arts, London
  • TELMA. Traitement ELectronique des Manuscrits et des Archives, CNRS

  • Projects and institutions in alphabetical order
  • CEEC. Codices Electronici Ecclesiae Coloniensis, Cologne
  • Centre for Computing Humanities, London
  • Center for the Preservation of Ancient Religious Texts , Brigham Young University (US)
  • Codex Sinaiticus
  • Corpus dei Manoscritti Copti Letterari, Rome-Hamburg
  • D.A.R.E. : Digital Averroes Research Environment, Cologne
  • Digital Classisist
  • Digitized Oriental MSS from the CSIC Library
  • Early Manuscripts at Oxford University
  • E-Codices: Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland
  • E-Science and Ancient Documents, Oxford
  • Ethio-SPaRe: Cultural Heritage of Christian Ethiopia - Salvation, Preservation, Research, Hamburg
  • European Society for Textual Scholarship
  • Greek into Arabic. Philolosphical Concepts and Linguistic Bridges, Pisa
  • Hill Monastic Manuscript Library, Collegeville
  • Historische Handschriften von Aceh, Leipzig
  • INITIALE: Database of French illuminated manuscripts, IRHT, Paris
  • Differenz und Subversion: Die Häresiographie im Kitab az-Zina des Ismailiten Abu Hatim ar-Razi, Leipzig
  • Institut für Dokumentologie und Editorik
  • Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing, Birmingham
  • Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts, Jerusalem
  • IslHornAfr: Islam in the Horn of Africa. A Comparative Literary Approach, Florence
  • Islamic manuscripts, digitalization and digital cataloguing of manuscripts at Leipzig
  • Manuscript Cultures in Asia and Africa, Hamburg
  • Manuscriptorium
  • MASTER. Manuscript Access through Standards for Electronic Records
  • Mazgaba seelat (login: student)
  • Medieval Islamic Views of the Cosmos: the Book of Curiosities
  • Mesrop Mashtots Matenadaran: Repository of Ancient Manuscripts , Erevan (in Armenian)
  • Peshitta Electronic Text Project, Leiden University
  • Refaiya: Database-supported data collection, exploration and digital presentation of the Damascene family library Refaiya at the University Library in Leipzig
  • Revision of the List of Old Testament Peshitta manuscripts, Leiden University
  • Scholarly Digital Editions, a commercial publication project, includes Leiden Armenian Lexical Textbase
  • Sinaitic Glagolitic Sacramentary (Euchologium) Fragments
  • St. Catherine's Library Conservation Project , Camberwell, London
  • St. Laurentius Digital Manuscript Library, Lund
  • Syriac Electronic Corpus, CPART, Brigham Young University
  • TEUCHOS – Zentrum für Handschriften- und Textforschung, Hamburg University
  • TEXTE: Transfer of Expertise in Technologies of Editing , Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge project, Galway, Ireland
  • TITUS - Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialien, Frankfurt
  • Trismegistos. Leuven Database of Ancient books
  • Turgama: Computer-Assisted Analysis of the Peshitta and the Targum, Leiden University
  • Virtual Vellum, Sheffield

  • For a list of various digitisation projects s. also