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Workshop The electronic revolution? The impact of the digital on cataloguing

Copenhagen, June 7th-8th 2012

On June 7th-8th 2012, the Nordisk Forskningsinstitut of Copenhagen University hosted the third workshop of the Cataloguing Team of the COMSt network (Team 4), which was realized with the determinant collaboration of the Digital approaches to manuscripts studies Team (Team 3).

The workshop, which was entitled: "The electronic revolution? The impact of the digital on cataloguing", had the following main purposes:
(1) to take into account various formats of electronic catalogues, evaluating the pros and cons of the different choices (Session I);
(2) to analyse the potentialities but also the limits or the problematic aspects of electronic catalogues - in all their formats -, such as the long time availability, the authorship, the interpretation and the potential chaos, the terminology etc., without forgetting the delicate matter of the relationship between printed catalogues and electronic catalogues (Session II);
(3) to show the basic ideas of hypercatalogues and portals that render access to distributed manuscript repositories and the like; a demonstration of existing hypercatalogues and a basic outline of the technical background was offered (Session III).
(4) to make an introduction to the TEI's manuscript description module and to the XML software (Session IV).

Workshop organizers: Team 4: Paola Buzi; Team 3: Jost Gippert ; Matthew Driscoll (local organization).

Please click here to download the workshop report with the final programme.

Workshop participants

1. Dr. Paola Buzi, Rome (IT)
2. Prof. Matthew Driscoll, Copenhagen (DK)
3. Prof. Jost Gippert, Frankfurt (DE)
4. Dr. Witold Witakowski, Uppsala (SE)

5. Dr. Maria Berggren, Uppsala (SE)
6. Prof. Christophe Flüeler, Freiburg (CH)
7. Dr. Marc Geoffoy, Paris (FR)
8. Mr. Patrik Granholm, Uppsala (SE)
9. Dr. Evyn Kropf, Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA)
10.Dr. Denis Nosnitsin, Hamburg (DE)
11. Dr. Eva Nyström, Uppsala (SE)
12. Dr. Maria Teresa Ortega-Monasteiro, Madrid (ES)
13. Dr. Elena Pierazzo, London (UK)
14. Dr. Simone-Christiane Raschmann, Göttingen (DE)
15. Dr. Anne-Beate Riecke, Berlin (DE)

16. Dr. Tara Andrews, Leuven (BE)
17. Prof. Ewa Balicka-Witakowska, Uppsala (SE)
18. Prof. Alessandro Bausi, Hamburg (DE)
19.Dr. André Binggeli, Paris (FR)
20. Prof. Caroline Macé, Leuven (BE)
21. Prof. Andrea Schmidt, Louvain-la-Neuve (BE)
22. Ms. Evgenia Sokolinskaia, Hamburg (DE)
23.Dr. Alessandro Gori, Florence (IT)
24. Prof. Zisis Melissakis, Athens (GR)
25. Prof. Françoise Briquel-Chatonnet, Paris (FR)
26.Dr. Verena Lepper, Berlin (DE)
27.Dr. Joseph Moukarzel, Jounieh (RL)
28. Prof. Susana Torres Prieto, Madrid (ES)
29. Dr. Elzbieta Swiecicka, Stockholm (SE)
30. Dr. Natalie Tchernetska, Paris (FR)
31.Ms. Maria Widmer, Freiburg (DE)
32. Mr. Gerd Winkelhane, Berlin (DE)